How to Get More Souls to Refuel Team in Mortal Kombat X iPhone

Mortal Kombat X developed by Warner Bors has now come to mobile devices ios and android.
In this game, you will create an elite team of Mortal Kombat warriors and guide them into battle to gain experience, new special attacks, and powerful artifacts.

mortal kombat x walkthrough ios android

After performing hits on an enemy, your character`s special ability meter fills up.
Once this has happened, you can activate the special ability which will trigger a quick-time-event.
At this point, you can quickly spam the gestures in order to power up the attack.
But if you get caught off guard and only get a few slashes in, the special attack will do little damage toward your enemy.

In line with this, before performing a special attack, prepare yourself accordingly in order to maximize your damage output toward your enemy.

In order to get punches combo, you can just keep tapping, which sometimes comes to a three-hit chain of animations.
Also, always prepare to block attacks from enemy`s skill.

Each character herein will come along with their own special passive ability.
Some can do more damage when they are fighting a certain type of enemy
And, some will have more health when they are teamed up with a particular fighter.
For such reasons, just take a few moments to go over your fighter’s passive abilities and manage your teams accordingly.

As usual, this game will feature with souls as the in-game currency
You can get these souls by defeating every enemy in the battlefield
Once getting enough souls, you can use them to fill up your energy meter.

Moreover, you can also unlock other fighters with few souls
In the mean time, you must also save the souls to use strictly for refueling your energy meter.
Playing through the game will get you to earn a steady trickle of souls.

You can use whereabouts nine souls in order to refuel a full team.
After playing the game in more stages, you will be able to collect ninety souls or more that will be enough to refuel your team and unlock new character.
Always be sure to save them for the soul sole-purpose of keeping your fighters energized into maximum.

After playing this game for a while, you can create a second and third team of fighters.
At this pint, you can use souls to refuel a fighter’s energy
Anyway, the energy will also gradually refuel over time you play this game.

Later on, having a second fighting team will give you advantage, as you will not have to wait for the energy to trickle back in, since each team will have their own energy levels.
At this phase, while waiting for Team 1 to refuel, you can break out Team 2 and take them into battle for collecting more souls.

Furthermore, you can also create your third team of fighters that will be a replacement when your first and second team are in the process of refueling.


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