How to Get More Soul Gems in Asgard Run iPhone

Ayopa Games has presented Asgard Run as a new endless-running game with vikings warriors that you can play both on the iOS and Android phones

asgard run walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will guide your character to sprint, jump, slide, turn, and even fly through the most exciting environments throughout the quests

Here, you can also sprint into a high-speed adventure with your viking on a quest to rescue Asgard.
To do your action, you will be able to use speedy reflexes to avoid hazards and collect power-ups along the way.

Besides, you will also deal with mythological foes in high-speed running battles in your quest to stand proud among the gods of Asgard

Your main goal here is to run as far as you can by swiping left or right across many different lines.
Later on, you will be able to unlock some new characters and get new weapons and armor to speed up your score achievement
With weapon and armor, you will get bonus soul gems, and more stuff in the game.

To move your character, all you will do is to swipe left to move to the left lane, swipe right to move to the right lane, and swipe up to jump.
When performing your action, swiping down will make you attack the enemy directly standing in your path.

Besides, you will also be assigned to complete missions which will give you a chance to get reward and experience points.
Each time your bar fills up, you will gain a level, which will make you get various bonuses, such as unlocking new characters, or unlocking the ability to purchase them.

As usual, this game will feature soul gems, the blue stones that you can collect during on your run
Along the way, you can also collect more cool weapons and armor
The equipment will increase score bonuses or get you to add soul gem multipliers

In order to get those soul gems fast, all you will do is to watch a video for 500 gems.
So, if you want to get more gems in the game, just watch as many videos as you can until you run out of videos to watch.
Later on, just go back in fifteen to thirty minutes to get the videos come up again

Meanwhile, you will collect gems other items during on your run
Plus, you will get chests which will give you big bonuses
Be sure to get keys used to open chests.
Also, having multipliers will make your score skyrocket during in your journey.


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