How to Get More Ruby and Gold in Heart Castle iPhone

In Heart Castle, you will be brought to explore, battle, capture and collect hundreds of unique creatures each with their unique powers to join you in the fantastical adventure

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Once getting them, you will then have to upgrade them to 6-Stars through Enhancement and Fusion, as well as Strengthen them with Crazy Power-ups

Early on this game, you will simply choose game mode where you will have to select Story mode as initial start of playing this game for the first time

Here, you will need keys to follow the game story and earn exp in the Story mode.
When playing in Arena, you will need swords to get Hearts and Infinity Tower that requires Wings to get character Items
The Dimension Hole will require Keys for god and Pet Evolution materials

Later on, you need to strengthen your hero with some advanced equipments
In line with this, you can find some good equipments in Infinity Tower
To access it, you will not need a Key, as long as you have Wings to get there

When being there, you should clear each floor which themed differently then get some rewards based on your weekly Ranking and score
There, if you can reach higher floor, you will get better equipments

When going to play in Dimension Hole, you will need Pet Evolution materials, in that you can access The Normal and Element Dimension only once a day
In line with this, you can form the best party and conquer the Dimension Hole

At this point, the Dimension Hole consists of Element and Normal type
Therefore, you must try to clear higher levels to achieve higher scores for better rewards
Every week, you will get gold coins that is based on your Ranking score.

When playing in the Story mode, you must capture dungeons randomly when you clear the stages
At this phase, you must try to beat the monster completely, then use a Trap to get them to be your pet

To get some Traps, you can enter your Friends Capture Dungeons and help them to capture monsters in the capture Dungeons that you have found.
If you have high grade Traps, you will have a higher success chance for getting them.

When going to battle with enemies, you will have to learn the elements first
The red background is fire, blue is Water, and green is Wood.

Fire beats tree
Water beats fire
Tree beats water
Once knowing this, just check the elemental relationships and form your party with members of superior properties.

As usual, this game will feature rubies and gold coins
In order to get more gold in a quick way, you can sell unwanted items for gold
And, if you want to sell all unwanted items at once, press Sell Selected.

Sometimes, you will get rubies by beating enemies boss or complete each stage
For such reasons, you must try to accomplish each stage in order to get more rubies in this game
With more rubies you have earned along the game, you can use it to expand more room in your inventory
Then, you can use items of elemental properties or those with special skills to power up your characters.


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