How to Get More Rubies and Coins in Critter Camp iPhone

Loud Panda Interactive along with its newest game, Critter Camp will bring you to go into Crittopia world where you can raise critters, embark on adventures, and battle other trainers for some rewards.

critter camp walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will have to do is to train your critters to be the strongest and fiercest one in all of Crittopia, where the enchanted world of critters, humans, and gods live together.
On the other side, you can also play various mini games to improve your critters abilities.

At the beginning of the game, you will have to train your critter before going to battle with enemies
During your training session, you will notice performance stats that measures how much Vitality points your critter will earn after training.

When training them, you will have to train them how to jump in which this ability will be handy to avoid hurdles as the obstacles in this game.
In order to make them jump, just tap anywhere to make the critter jump.

Furthermore, other training activities can improve different stats.
So it will be better to find a good balance for every critter during in the training session.

Once having a good training session, your critter is ready to go for the quests
When going into the quests, your critter will battle with wild critters running that are wreaking havoc in the land.

Going for questing is having adventures that will reward you additional tokens or useful items when you finish a battleground.
In the battlefield, you will also be rewarded with coins, rubies and other loots as you can win the battle with your enemies in the quest

Also, you will have to deal with bosses battle where they are always tougher than common critters
When dealing with them, you can use your critical chance to attack them at one time
Using this critical chance will allow you to have a great chance of winning in the bosses battle so that you will be able to gather up some rewards including coins or rubies which are the main currencies of this game

Everytime you collect those currencies make sure to save them up for purchasing some handy items or even rare tokens

After having tough battle with enemies and bosses, you have to purchase some items that you will need ot go to the next stage
Here, you will try to get rare tokens that yo can use to battle with bosses along the quests


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