How to Get More Rewinds to Make High Scores in Digit Smash iPhone

As you can see some puzzle game have scattered around on the apple store and google play store rapidly
Again, a new matching game has come to ios and android platforms which is packed in Digit Smash

digit smash freeze walkthrough ios android

This game, Digit Smash is the fast paced addicting game, where it will tease finger flipping and mind mashing to match tiles for score.

On the other words, Digit Smash is a matching game that turns the high difficulty dial that will snap off in your hands.

Along the game, you will race against the clock where you must try to match numbers and symbols as fast as possible for high score.

During the game, the clock is always set at 1 second, so all you will do is to tap to match two tiles as fast as you can
Here, you only have one second to make each match.
The, the clock will reset with every match you make, in which this will make the game a flurry of taps as you will race to beat the clock.
If you think even a bit of a moment, the game comes to an end, that will get you to start it again.

During the game play, matches will increase the value of tiles, which in turn give you more points when those tiles are matched.

And, if you can match two blue “1” tiles, they will give you one blue 2 tiles.
Next, if you match two blue 2 tiles, you will be able to get a blue star.
In a glance, playing this game is a kind of simple thing

But, when you have a fraction of a second to find matches, the variety of different tiles can lead to a fail state very quickly.

Anyway, playing this game is absurdly difficult and addicting for those who like playing the numerical digits on the screen.
After playing this game for a while and gain the highest score, you can connect to Game Center to beat your friends score
Also, you will get a chance to win tons of achievements as bonus rewards


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