How to Get More Resources in Korrigans Kingdom Wars iPhone

Korrigans: Kingdom Wars from Fabulapps can be included in a new MMORTS where this game seems to combine some different elements into one form.

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Along the game, you will be brought to battle hero vs hero, and invade other players’ cities as well
In the mean time, you will have to build up your own base from a small town with a little tavern in the center, then grow your city into a big and powerful one with a whole lot of defenses, and booze inside the tavern.

In order to build your city, you will have to collect resources
To collect the resources, you can get them from the resource buildings
At this point, be sure to increase and maximize the total number of buildings, then upgrade to be the profitable one

In line with this, the tavern’s level will determine how high you can upgrade your resource buildings
For such reasons, if you want to get more resources, you must firstly upgrade the tavern, and make more resource buildings.

Alternatively, you can also get more resources by invading other players city
When it is about to do so, you must plan it well as you will be given with a limited number of raids per day.

In accordance with this, you can scout other players to learn how much they have in the way of resources
Besides, you will also know what troops and defensive units they have at their headquarter.
So, if you want make it happen, you must be sure that your army is big and powerful enough to dominate them
If you have all of this, you can earn all of the resources that you can from them.

When participating in hero vs hero fights, you can do it in single player and multiplayer mode.
If you play in single player mode, all you will do is to attack, then move away and let the enemy chase after you then attack back as they will waste a potential attack toward your hero.

When playing in multiplayer battles, you and your rival will be gank up on one enemy at a time.
At this time, just try to lead them on a chase and make them confuse so they will not get a good consistent target.
In the mean time, you can beat them out one by one.

To make your city stronger, you can join a clan.
If you do so, you and your clan will help each other out with troops and other goodies
Also, they will share their strategy that work.

On the other side, you must also defend your base with loads of troops
Also, you must unlock unlocking as many new types of troop as you can, then max out your defensive towers since these towers will be your front line of defense.

Thus, if your attackers are out fighting a battle or marching, your defensive buildings will be the fortress to fight against attackers form your rival.


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