How to Get More Rainbow Gems in One Piece Treasure Cruise iPhone

One Piece Treasure Cruise is the game adapted from the manga series made by Eiichiro Oda.
Now, Bandai Namco Games will allow you to play this game which follows the manga and anime show storyline faithfully, where you can collect, power up and evolve a bunch of characters within.

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This game also features rainbow gems as the main currency, which you can use to recover stamina, expand the character box and recruit rare characters to be included in your crew.

In line with this, these rainbow gems are not widely available, and it will be better to use them to recruit rare characters, because they will help you in beating more difficult battles.

To get this rainbow gems, you can try to play through specific events of the story or you can purchase them through IAPs
Here, you possible earn up to 5 Rainbow Gems when the game is downloading the next story segment by tapping the screen many times.

On the other side, this game comes with a rather unique battle system where you have to tap on the screen with the right timing to keep attacking the enemies with your characters.

In order to deliver the maximum amount of damage toward your enemies, you will have to tap the screen with perfect timing, so that it will be easy to achieve if the next character’s icon is tapped a moment before the text on the battlefield reaches the enemy.

Too beat enemies at once, you are able to use your skill, tandem attacks which are your special attacks.
Meanwhile, with the right combination of characters, a TND icon may appear near characters.
When it is tapped, you will have to pick characters in the right order to perform a devastating area attack that will beat most regular enemies and deal big amount of damage to enemy bosses.

Once having tough battle, you will also have to upgrade your ships in order to be the most powerful one than ever
At this point, every time you are prompted to upgrade it, make sure to take advantage of it especially if you are at the beginning of the game as it will be free to take.


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