How to Get More Pearl Coins in Sunken Secrets iPhone

Big Fish Games has launched Sunken Secrets on the iOS and Android markets in which this game can be said as a new twist on the Sim or farming genre set in fun fantasy island setting.

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In this game, you will be tasked to farm crops, produce goods, rebuild and decorate homes, help islanders, trade and sell resources, and more actions

The man point to play this game is to get enough magic and hold it more at a time
In the mean time, you must upgrade Louisa’s house, which also requires a lot of magic to do so.

Later on, you will also have to stock up on as much magic as you can, whereby it will convert into various elements of a house, such as chimneys, doors or windows attached to the house.
Thus, just attach those things to increase your magic limit in the game.

On the other side, you can also purchase goods from other players after finishing the tutorial
Anyway, if you have used the last of one of your crops, you can merely use your coins to get some of the crops from another player.

As usual, this game will always feature coins and pearl as the main currencies
Here, you can get those currencies for free by doing certain activities offered by the game

Basically, if you want to get more coins, you can put your crops for sale.
In accordance with this, selling produced goods will earn you more coins than crops will.

Meanwhile, in the way of getting free pearls without having to spend any money, all you will have to do is to complete the achievements, then go to grab your reward once doing that action.
After doing so, you will get a few achievements containing the pearls to grab.

For further, you can also speed along your magic earnings that you can do by maximizing the amount of magic-producing buildings located in your kingdom
There, you will have a huge variety of them that you can get.

Once purchasing a building the magic will be ready
Then, you should wait until the second one produces the magic then build something new.
Well, if the developers add a sell command into the game, you can sell magic buildings then get them with coins on pearls.

In addition, you can work together with your friends to complete various tasks in the game.
For such reasons, working together will give you a lot of advantages that will lead you to earn some coins and pearls for free in the game


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