How to Get More Paperclips in Shred It! iPhone

Shred It! from EM Studios or Extra Mile Studios can be categorized into an endless snowboarding game which is specifically designed for the ios and android devices

shred it! walkthrough ios android

In line with this game, it has brought its recent update coming along with a bunch of new content
Along the game, you will snowboard your way down a never-ending hill in a beautiful paper-craft world.

Also, you will be brought to snowboard in a sublimely atmospheric and ever-changing landscape
Plus, you can show your action into a dynamic weather system swirls around you where you will get to gather up leaves and do some awesome tricks to get high score and paperclips, the premium currency of this game.

Later on, you will have to collect paperclips that you can do by completing tricks, challenges, picking up feathers, logging in and more.

All of those paperclips will really be useful to unlock new characters rather than new boards
Or, you can use them to get new costumes but it will be better to save them up for having new character since the boards and costumes are purely cosmetic.

Every character in this game will come along with a special talent.
If you play with Rufus, he can bark to scare off critters so that you will not worry about dodging them again

Meanwhile, playing with Frappe will be great when you race over an ice patch
You can also play with Cosmo since he can double jump
And, Pengz will never have to duck as he is so small.

To play this game early on, you can learn how to figure out which element of the game you find most difficult and use the character which is the best for you.

Again, in order to get more paperclips, you can simply log in the game daily
Besides, you can also check out the daily challenges to get objectives where you get to collect a certain number of feathers, while pulling off a certain number of tricks for score and paperclips

On the other side, you can also try to complete Checkpoint Challenge which will give you the most structure.
Here, you can also do few tricks to extend your limited time.

As an illustration, if you gain extra seconds for collecting 10 feathers so you can then grab them whereby you can play for longer.

Always remember to avoid hitting anything as that will only slow you down.
In addition, just try to perform many tricks to gain a big combo score and earn more clips for your collection of new characters.


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