How to Get More Orbes in Schools of Magic iPhone

Digital Things has come to ios and android along with Schools of Magic game where you are allowed to build and manage your own school of magic and you will get on powerful wizards and sorcerers to be the most powerful magician in the kingdom.

schools of magic walkthrough ios android

This game is a kind of a complete adventure game combining resource management and real-time combat that hold the world in their tyrannical grasp with dark arts.

Along the game, you will have to beat druids, arcane mages, priests, and the dreaded necromancers in epic battles of arcane power.

Moreover, you will also have to fight against other players’ wizards in real-time multiplayer duels online.
Also, you will have to protect your school from the attacks of other wizards and assail rival schools.

So, in order to be the most strongest magic schools ever, you must rain your wizard in the school, then improve the infrastructure to research new spells
On the other side, you must also equip yourself with fantastic magic objects that will be handy to be used in battle.

To be the strongest hero, you can try to enter a world filled with magic and mythological creatures such as orcs, minotaurs, griffons, and other enchanting creatures.

The main point to play this game is to improve your Magic center of your school of magic.
Later on, you will also get juicy rewards and runes from completing missions and events.
But be sure not to complete them as they come up.
Otherwise, you must build training buildings and use them to train your wizard.
You have also have to improve your spells and learn new ones in the spell library.

When going into the battlefield, just tap on the info icon in the attack spells menu to get important information about how to beat the enemies as some of them are easier to defeat using specific researched spells and items which are divided in categories namely Common, Special, Rare, Epic and Legendary.
Here, the flying enemies are immune to physical attacks.

In the way of getting more rewards, you can invite your friends.
So, if they introduce your code, you and your friends will get a present that will sometimes be in form of orbes, as the premium currency of this game.

Also, be sure to improve the treasure storehouse so you can store more items and sell unwanted items for gold.
You can also get additional gold, runes and orbs in the shop.

Always improve the items and evolve them with the materials that you receive from your combats.
And, improve your items with your magic to make you stronger along the game.



  1. Get a app called CheatDroid for rooted androids only. “Before you do this, cut trees untill you find an orb when cutting down trees or rocks.”
    In list of apps Find schools of magic click on it, and go in to com.codigames.some.xml, inside go to line where it says, [Float] TREE_REMOVED_GEM_CHANCE it would have a number such as .0251 or w/e, just click on number and change to 1 or higher then click save. When done go in to game and cut a tree, it will give you 1 orb, do this for every 1 tree or rock you remove in game. Go back to same directory change to 1 and in game remove tree. Trees regrow over time, so every tree/rock gives you an ORB.

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