How to Get More Jewels and Gold in Joy Flight iPhone

JOYCITY Corp has offered adventure and friendship between animal friends where you will be assigned to rescue fruits and your friends for collecting gold and gems in Joy Flight designed for ios and android

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Here, the main currencies in this game, are gold and gems that you can earn for free by simply logging in the game daily

During in the first launch, completing Daily Log-in Event will give you surprise gifts such as gems, golds and pet draw ticket that will be delivered directly into the inbox in the game

Moreover, taking part in Thank You Gift Event will also provide you 99 Gems + 50,000 Gold + 1 Special Lucky Pet Draw in which you can get the best character to beat aliens that attempt to steal fruits from earth and abduct the animal friends as well.

Later on this game, you will also level up when your account’s level increases, in that one is rewarded gold and jewels.
With gold and jewels, you can also freely upgrade attacking power and stamina for your characters.

At this point, you will also get bonus points according to one’s level after completing a level of this game.
In accordance with this, Gift Points or GP are points that you can get with a gold or a jewel at the store or when a fruit is sent to a friend.
You will get this notice from the lower section of the lobby screen within the game in which 100 gift points can be exchanged for a gift box.

Besides gold and gems, you will have hearts that you can use to play a match within a game.
One’s max heart allotment is five, and if the number of hearts falls below five, it will automatically be regenerated one by one every five minutes.

If you run out of hearts, you can purchase additional of them from the store.
And, if the number of heart comes to its maximum it will no longer be recharged automatically.

Also, you can get more gold by purchasing them via the jewel screen at the Joy Flight store in which all you will do is simply to press the ‘+’ button next to the gold at the upper right-hand section.

On the other side, once completing quest or task in this game, you will get an achievement while proceeding through this game.

Sometimes, you will run out of fruits that you have to get them back to continue playing.
When you get a fruit the stamina gauge will recover, allowing one to fly longer.
According to this, every time you get a fruit it will be accumulated and get piled up in the storage box.

You can also send the piled-up fruits to a friend or you can exchange it for a gift box in that you can exchange fruit that is regarded as the fruit of the day that is decided randomly.
You can select the seven types of fruits every day.
And, every time you make exchanges for a gift box, the number of fruits will also increase.

On the other side, some collected fruits will reset daily, and you can check the remaining reset time at the storage box or the mail box given in this game.

Moreover, you can send six kinds of fruits to a friend except the fruit of the day then you can also send more of them to the same friend after an hour.
At this point, the fruit given as a gift can be retrieved from the mailbox.
Because of sending out a fruit to friends, you will get a gift point.


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