How to Get More Gold Ore in Warhammer 40000 Freeblade iPhone

Pixel Toys has presented Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade on the ios and android devices
Seemingly, this game has presented the extremely visually-impressive new rail shooter that you can directly experienced on the mobile

warhammer 40k freeblade walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to guide your Freeblade, a kind of robot to go through a post apocalyptic batch of cities, while shooting and eliminating any attackers standing in your way.

In this stunning actin game, you can blow them away with your guns, and getting in involved in melee sword fights with them.

Early on the game, it will be better if you firstly learn the mechanic of the structural integrity built in your robot.

In accordance with this, your structural integrity drops as you play more rounds, in which it drops your attack and defense
For such reasons, you need to repair them to be in good shape again.

If you see the icon in the top left corner of the screen going from green to yellow to orange to red, it means that the structural integrity drops.
Therefore, you must tap it to repair with gold to speed the process

As usual, this game will require gold and ore as the main currencies of this game
To get them for free, you can simply watch the ad videos to get free ore.

At this point, just go to your loadout screen, then tap forge and upgrade
Here, you can use ore to power up your weapons and armor, both equipped and unequipped.
Also, you will get more power ups available based upon the rarity of the piece of equipment

On the other side, by watching a free video, you can add boosts before a round starts.
You will need to do this when you are about to go for tough round
Thus, just watch videos to get the boosts to increase your exp
Moreover, you can also power up your knight throughout the entire battle in the game.

Later on, you will need more experience points to power up your robot
In accordance with this, you can replay a stage that you have already completed before
There, you will be able to grind for some experience and some ore as much as you want.

Plus, each time, you gain levels, you can unlock new goodies as well as boost your Freeblade’s stats.
Also, you will often find new weapons and armor, where you can save and use them for specific loadouts.

Generally, it will be great to auto-equip your robot with a loadout before starting your mission.
Anyway, you can also switch one of your weapons to the best one
You need to do this when going to battle with tough enemies in the game


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