How to Get More Gold in Blood Bowl Kerrunch iPhone

Cyanide has a new tactical football game called Blood Bowl Kerrunch that you can recently play on the ios platform

blood bowl kerrunch walkthrough ios android

This game can be said as a turn-based strategy game involving Orcs, Dwarves, Elves and Humans battling for victory and gold

Early on the game, you have to learn each stat of your character
You will see their ratings and their 4 main stats which will affect their gameplay

Agility will determine how they can quickly receive the ball
Armor will reflect how much damage they can take during the game
Strength can refer to how much damage they inflict when battling with enemy
Movement determines how fast they move in the field

Besides, you must also check out their skills in which each character will have three different skills to be improved to get some advantages over specific types of players or different stats boosts.

In line with this, you can start improving the skills of your two and above star characters since you will often use them in the long run.
Later on, you will also consider to upgrade them for having a good boost

In daily basis, you may get alerted to complete missions and objectives to get more goodies
Be sure to check them out daily and complete the daily missions to maximize your rewards and the number of resources you have.
Here, you will really need to upgrade all of your characters or players

For further, you may have to evolve your players to turn them to be one star players into superstars.
To evolve them, you will need Player Tokens, in which you get them by playing Season matches and by opening chests
In season matches, Player Tokens based on the race of the team you will play against
Also, you have to win some matches and chests to get that tokens to evolve your player’s ratings.

You main objective here will be to win all your games, where you can do this by playing against other teams and defeating them.
When being in the field, be sure to adapt your deployment based on how your rivals will deploy their players

In accordance with this, you can try to have a solid defense in the League by creating a different deployment setup
Consider to score a touchdown to win the match
According to this, you will have to find that gap to send a player to the touchdown line and pass the ball to them.

On the other side, you can try to have a thrower hold on to the ball for as long as possible
In the mean time, be sure to have a runner, blitzer, catcher to get to the touchdown line as quick as possible.

You can plan to put a tank lineup by getting superiority in one particular area on the field.
At this point, you will have to get the numbers and get to the end by concentrating on the left or right side of the field.

When you are about to win each match, you can try to deploy the thrower on the touchdown line, in the right corner
There, you can place one Lineman or Tank type near the middle of the field, normally in 3rd square, in front of the Thrower.

Afterward, you can place a second lineman one square to the left and down then place the runner behind the first Lineman and the remaining player behind the second.
If you can follow above instructions, you will win the game and get gold coins, the main currency of this game


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