How to Get More Gold in Basketball Showdown 2015 iPhone

Naquatic has introduced Basketball Showdown 2015 that is categorized into a simple one-touch game where your accuracy and reflexes will determine your score and victory in this game.

basketball showdown 2015 walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will play as a coach of your very own team, where you can recruit real players to form your solid squad.

After having your solid team, you can now compete against other teams from around the world in weekly tournaments for huge prizes including gold and trophy.

Along the game, you and your opponent’s shots will be independent of each other
It means that you both shoot as fast as you can.

At this point, you have to time when shooting the ball on the net so that you will gain scores
In lien with this, you must try to landing all of your shots by keeping your finger straight at possible.
You can try using your index finger at stable, and straight swipes.

To make a better shot, your wrist position is also taking a vital here.
You can try holding your phone with one hand, then use your touch hand and keep your wrist horizontally straight in that you can make some straight shots on the net.

On the other side, managing to land 5 shots in a row will make the ball become a fireball
And, if you manage to land another shot after it catches on fire, you will reach 2 points instead of 1

When doing so, the accuracy is extremely important as you can really pull ahead if you get a lot of shots in.
Also, you can try to use the Reignite Fire boost at any time, which automatically lights your ball on fire.

As usual, this game will need gold as the main currency
For such reasons, you can simply check into the shop every day for some gold bars.
Checking the store every day will give you a chance to get the gold bonus for free.

After collecting some gold bars, you can use your gold to purchase better basketballs from the Balls menu.

At that phase, there are 5 tiers, each with their own set of balls.
Then, there is 3 types in the 3 middle tiers, in that they vary from balanced
They will sometimes come along with more accuracy and less range, and lastly less accuracy but more range.
So, you must choose the type of the ball that best fits your play style

In addition, when going to play this game online with your rival, you and your rival get to choose their positions before the game starts.
One you place your position first, then your rival has to place their position in a certain radius around your point.
Thus, you must try to position yourself so that you will get closer to the net that will come to more points when shooting the ball on it


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