How to Get More Gold Gems in Heroes of the Alpha Arena Android

PlayMilk Games has a new action rpg genre called as Heroes of the Alpha Arena that you can play on the android platform mainly

heroes of the alpha arena walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will guide some heroes to go to fight against enemies then get involved yourself into epic battles against other players in the PVP Arena online.

In this game, you will be able to recruit and fully equip more than 40 powerful heroes along with their magical items
And, you can collect rare heroes, hidden worlds and unique weapons by playing this game in daily basis

Later on, you will then evolve your heroes, unlock and improve their special skills to beat all enemies standing in your path

To power up your hero, you must improve their level, skill, equipment and star level
Also, you must improve the property of hero with all the equipment you have got
Note that your heroes’ level is limited by your team level.
For such reasons, you must upgrade your team level first.

In the mean time, when fighting against the enemies in each area, you will also have to grab some gold coins that you can use to purchase some useful items

In line with this, you will simply go to challenge the campaign or go farming for gold in the boss battle.
Moreover, you can merely take part in the events to collect a lot of gold there.

By playing this game daily, you will also improve your team`s experience points
At this point, completing the daily activity will earn you a lots of team exp needed to level up.

As said earlier, you will be able to recruit more heroes in the game
In order to recruit them more, you can go to draw the lottery.
Here, drawing 10 times lottery will allow you to get a hero or some hero soul stone.
On the other side, you can get some certain hero soul stone in elite campaign

When being in the battlefield, you must make sure not to loss any one of your heroes there so that you will get through a campaign with ‘5 star

In addition, this game will feature gold and gems as the main currencies off this game
You will get gold as you explore area and battle with enemies there

And, each time, you can win the battle with your team, you will be rewarded with a bunch of gold and gems as the rewards
Plus, defeating the boss battle in the game will allow you to get gems as your achievement


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