How to Get More Gold for More Moves in Scrubby Duby Saga iPhone

King has launched their next matching three game called Scrubby Dubby Saga on the ios and android plaforms, where you move entire rows and columns around to make matches

scrubby dubby saga walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to match colorful soap pieces to clear out all the mysterious foam from Soapland.

Similar to match-3 puzzle games out there, you will have a limited amount of moves, in which you must take your time during the levels.
In line with this, you must plan out your moves, while trying to line up multiple chains in one moves

During the game, matching four pieces of soap will result in a bottle left behind in which these bottles are filled with special purple liquid which will automatically match soap in a specific pattern.

And, bringing two bottles next to each other will combine the match to make a rainbow bottle with more power.
Also, by looking at the markings on the bottle you can tell what kind of pattern the bottle will explode.
Bottle in A + will pop in a plus pattern, while a vertical line will pop in

Along the game, all you will do is to match a specific type of soap.
At this point, you can check the top right corner of the screen to see which ones you need to match and how many are left.

In the mean time, just ignore other types of soaps and make an easy bottle
Also, you can save all of your moves for matching the most important soaps with a couple amount of moves.

Your main objective here is to get score as high as you can while collecting gold by completing each quest in the game

To score high, you will have moves left over to complete your main objective
Here, random soap pieces on the board will turn into bottles based on how many moves you have left.
If you have a bunch of moves left, you will get a big score bonus
And, if you aim to get all three stars, so you must be as efficient to use your moves

In this game, you will be assigned to complete the quests which will give you more gold, which is the premium currency of the game.

Later on, in order to get them more, you will merely complete those quests which will give you the gold for power ups and more valuable items such as getting more moves to continue playing and complete each quest


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