How to Get More Gold Diamonds in Magic Rush Heroes iPhone

Magic Rush: Heroes from ELEX Wireless can be included into a new RPG combined with tower defense elements in which this game is specially dedicated to the ios and android users

magic rush heroes walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be able to unlock and pick some heroes, then place them along a path and use their skills to eliminate incoming enemies.

Besides, you will also have to upgrade and level up your heroes with experience point, then equip them with runes that you can get in battles

You can also get a rune at the hero’s equipment screen and tap the empty space to display the pop-up which will show you where you can go to find the rune, the artifacts that you find from certain levels.
Each hero can equip specific runes, so that they can level up and learn a new skill to use in combat.

In the mean time, you can also get both experience and runes by replaying the older levels that you have already three-starred and sweep it.
At this point, just spread your sweeps out over multiple levels to get diverse types of runes.

Here, every sweep will earn you elixir, in which you can speed-level your party members.
You can also upgrade their skills with coins that you can collect when battling with enemies

Each time, you battle with enemies, you will need stamina that you can ask your friends via Facebook
Also, you can recruit more friends to play the game, which earn you rare rewards.

In the way of collecting more rewards, just go to the To Do button to check the various quests and achievements to complete
After completing quests, you will be granted with the rewards

Along the game, you will play this game in three different difficulty levels from Normal, Elite, to Legend, where you must go through that levels to unlock the corresponding game mode.
On the other side, you will be able to gather up rare runes for your heroes.

When you are playing in the Tower Defense levels, be sure to place your tank in the most optimal position.
These tank-type heroes are equipped with two minions which will be useful to beat enemies in place, so that your other heroes can do tons of damage.
Later on, you must try to position them in choke points surrounding your other heroes

Meanwhile, when playing in the RPG combat levels, you will get five slots for your party which comes to five different roles.
During in that level, be sure to bring one of each type of hero such as tank, marksman, mage, support, and cannon to beat most of your enemies.

In addition, this game features gold coins and diamonds as the main currencies
Basically, you can get those diamonds by completing each stage

In accordance with this, the wishing pool will contain two types of chests which are gold and diamond.
The gold chests will grant you items, runes, or heroes and you can open five of them daily for free

Moreover, you can also open the diamond chests containing items, runes, heroes, and rare heroes
Similar to the gold chest, you can also open one of these for free every two days.
Thus, just always get your free wishes once it is available to collect


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