How to Get More Gold Bars in World of Tanks Generals iPhone

World of Tanks aka WoT has been a popular franchise in the gaming world which is developed by Wargaming
This game has brought a card battle game which is specifically designed for the ios and android devices

world of tanks generals walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be a general to build your army, and dominate WWII battlefields where you are in charge of planning, deploying and taking out the enemy’s HQ in tactical turn-based warfare.

In other words, you will have to build your unit by creating your deck consisting of tanks, artillery, special orders, etc
Also, you must defend your base as well then command an army and challenge other generals across the globe

Along the game, all you will do is to focus on completing the missions where you will be assigned to play each of the three available factions featuring tanks, each with a different focus.
Completing each of them will grant you the rewards

During the matches with each faction, you will freely select your favorite one and be sure to concentrate on playing it so that you can master all factions

On the other side, you should make a research of new cards for your factions to get a great deck
When researching new cards, you will earn up to three cards of the same type

In line with this, they will replace cards in your deck as you are allowed to have 30 cards in a deck at a time.

For such reasons, you can merely tap the cards you can research and plan your research progress to get a specific card from it.

When you are about to build your card deck, make sure to analyze your deck by tapping the Info button near your deck
There, you will get information related to a number of stats such as types of cards you have, cost, power and category.

Besides, you must also find a balance between Tank cards placed on the battlefield and the cards used to deliver direct damage, heal etc.
At this point, you can keep the direct cards at a minimum and concentrate on tank cards.

Besides, you must also try to find the right balance between quick, low cost cards and powerful ones.
Later on, try to build a deck with high cost, high resistance or damage cards.

When battling with enemies cards, just try to focus on surrounding your rival`s base.
Meanwhile, you can manage to have your tanks occupy all three squares near the enemy base, as your rival will not usually play any tank cards.
Use this method to win the game as your ultimate goal

For further, you can try to play a high health card first since it will take at least a couple of turns for your rival to beat it
In the mean time, you can then deploy other cards, get more resources and play even more cards while setting up your offensive as well.

When ding so, you can try to find a balance between high offense and high health cards
And, if you have multiple cards available, you can try to attack with your high health card first then the attacked card uses its retaliation
At the same time, you can then attack with the high damage one to take out your rival`s cards

Sometimes, your opponents will use their base damage to deliver damage to your base
So, just use every card you have against other tank cards and focus on beating the enemy tanks than focusing the enemy
To take over the enemy`s base, you can surround it first while dealing serious damage to it

In addition, every time, you can win the game, you will be rewarded with a bunch of rewards
These rewards can be form of gold bars, the premium currency of this game
With these gold bars you have collected through the game, you can get new cards or even the rarest ones which will really help you win each match


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