How to Get More Gold and Relics in High Sea Saga Android

Kairosoft has launched their new and fresh game bundled in High Sea Saga, where you can play as a pirate crew and go adventures in unexplored lands.
In this game, you can also make your own ship, crew and base and have a voyage into the uncharted seas

high sea saga walkthrough ios android

Once making your ships and hire some crews, you can now assign crewmates to combat teams
In the battle, they will automatically battle any enemies that they encounter along the stage.
So, you can try which one of the different combinations of characters to make better teams the you can count on to get your victory.

After going through the battle, your crew will get knowledge points
When they use ship facilities, they will also get knowledge points so that if they earn them a lot, they can use them to switch to new jobs.

To get more experience points, just try to give your crewmates tasty food as this food is an important source of XP, so when you get some of them, you have use it.

Crewmates’ cabins will be redecorated according to their jobs in which this thing can change their abilities and improve their quality as well.
Moreover, using facilities compatible with their jobs will give you a big bonus to the knowledge points that your crew will get.

Later on, when a crewmate reaches a job’s max level, they can master it.
At this phase, the max level will vary based on the job.
According to this, some special jobs will only be available after you change jobs a certain number of times.

On the other side, you can select duties that will be given priority for each of your crew.
You can select them based on their cabin and job.
And, you can also provide the same orders to all crewmates by using the “All Crew’ command.

All of your crew will get their equipment type that depends on the compatibility of the crewmate’s job.
At this point, equipment weight can greatly affect speed and you can upgrade this at a blacksmith.

Beside the equipment, each crewmates will be equipped with a special ability.
In line with this, even if they change their job, they can continue to use their original ability.
Also, they have different abilities, that they can use in online battles.

You will also get some skills that you can use to get an advantage in battle by consuming SP, or you can use them to help complete duties on the ship.
Once a crewmate has mastered a job, they can use its special skill at anytime.

Along the game, you will really require stamina to command your fleet.
Every time you use it, it will recover at a rate of 1 point every 5 minutes.

As usual this game will take gold as the main currency that you will need to go through some missions give in this game
In accordance with this, every time you have accomplished each mission, you will be rewarded with gold coins that you will need for upgrading your ships and crew

In addition, you can also be assigned to collect more relics the you can upgrade for further stages. Upgrading them can really help your journey go further while completing some missions.


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