How to Get More Gold and Diamonds in Thunder Strike iPhone

Garena Games Online has a fast-paced shooting game with addictive gameplay and awesome 3D effects that is wrapped in Thunder Strike where you will become a Thunder Striker to explore the galaxy and destroy all enemies before they take control of the universe.

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This game will provide various game modes where you will go to epic battles against the 12 Zodiac bosses to collect rare equipment and weapons.

When playing in Endless Mode, your scores and ranking in the scoreboard will improve if you destroy more enemies bosses in which they will usually drop equipment when you can beat them

In Endless Mode, you must try to level up or upgrade your equipment to gain better score bonus, so that it will lead you to get higher scores.
Later on, you can proceed to warehouse to level up or upgrade your equipment to increase your battle power

Besides, you will also be able to get medals which are conferred to the top 3 players in the weekly Endless Mode ranking that refreshes weekly on the weekend.
At this point, the top 3 players will get Gold, Silver, and Copper medals respectively.

And, in Stage Mode, you can get enemy wreckage that can be converted to EXP, rare materials and Key that you will need to unlock new stages.

Energy is needed to play in Endless in that it consumes 1 energy each time and Stage Mode consumption will be displayed in the stage info.
If you do not have enough energy, you can not participate in game modes.

In order to restore energy fast in Endless Mode, you can click on your friendsā€˜ energy bar to send them energy for you.

By completing daily tasks, endless mode, you will be able to collect new fighters and other equipment or materials that you will need in this game

On the other side, diamonds is the premium currency of this game
Here, you can get them at top right corner of homepage by tapping on + icon beside your diamonds
When purchasing them, the system will guide you to the top-up page.

Sometimes, completing some quests in game modes will often reward you either gold or diamonds as your achievements
So, you must try to take part in some quests to get these currencies

Meanwhile, every time you have experienced in the battle, you will be granted with gold that you can use to enhance and upgrade equipment and purchase supplies before starting Endless Mode
According to this, you can also collect gold, enemy wreckage and equipment in both Endless and Stage Mode.
Moreover, you will be able to get gold after completing missions and daily tasks.
Anyway, you can also use your diamonds to exchange for gold by tapping the + icon beside your gold on the homepage


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