How to Get More Gems in Tobuscus Adventures Wizards iPhone

MoeSuckra along with Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards will take you to take a role as Tobuscus where you will be tasked to fight against a horde of zombies, liches, and other evil creatures across 20 different maps including in the Frozen Forest and Molten Mountains area

tobuscus adventures wizards walkthrough ios android

In the way of traveling across maps and defeating some enemies, you will have to unlock new spells, wands, and potions

Once leveling up through some missions, you will have to upgrade your Tower and Wizard Gear so that you will have more power to beat all incoming villains

Later on, you can also draw the ancient symbols such as a triangle to cast spells
In line with this, you can try to use a swirly circle-y thingy to make a big tornado, so that you can tilt your touchscreen Spellbook to tell the wind where to spin
With this tornado, you can clear zombies into the outer atmosphere

Besides, you can also cast Magic Missile at the zombie that you can do by drawing a slant line
Every time, you beat some enemies you will earn XP that will allow you to level up in a quick time.
Moreover, defeating more enemies in a quick time will allow you to get a Killstreak Bonus
Because of leveling your character, your health and mana will increase automatically.
Also, it can unlock powerful items in the shop

During in your exploration, every time you find any tacky vases on the map, be sure to double tap them to destroy with your wand

For further, you may need to tap teleport to start the 10 second teleport spell as this will finish the stage
Remember to always use the two finger pan maneuver to look around the battlefield so that you will really know where the enemies position on the map.
And, when you are summoning, make sure not to get hit during at that time or you must do it from the start.

As usual, this game will need gems or diamonds and the premium currency
At this point, every time you have accomplished certain missions, you will be rewarded with gems
Or if you find any promotional offers during the play, you can take them to complete that will also provide you some gems for free
But, this will be rarely to come up though


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