How to Get More Gems in Star Girl Farm iPhone

Animoca will take you to farm in its newest game, Star Farm Girl, management and strategy game where you will experience the amazing farm life with beauties stuffs.

star girl farm livestock walkthrough ios android

You are a girl farmer who will create a beautiful farm, by growing lots of crops and taking care of some farm animals such as chicken, cow, etc in the vast countryside.

In this game, you will cultivate your own farm, plant seeds to raise crops and livestock, then trade and interact with your friends for rewards either gold coins or gems.

Later on, in the way of earning that currencies, you can set up shop on the countryside so that you can sell your product, or fulfill and deliver orders from your neighbors or the freight train to earn cash.

On the other side, you can also team up with your friends then juggle farm activities to have the best farm, the most productive and the most festive farm online.

To expand your farm into big one, you must grow crops and a huge variety of crops that you can trade with your friends then manufacture products to fulfill orders
Besides, you must also raise and take care of cute animals inside your farm

On the other side, having Permits, Pickaxes and Markers will be important things to expand your star.
Doing activities such as harvesting Crops, collecting a goods from a Maker, etc will lead you to collect a Permit, a Pickaxe or a Marker in this game.
When being in this point, just tap one of the expansion areas on the left side of your farm to access the Expansion window.
In this phase, you can only expand to the areas that are directly connected to your farm.

Then, in order to get greater upgrades and more decorations, you must try to gather resources in which you will have to visit your neighbors and make fabulous new friends
Sometimes, you must also help out your friends’ farms to earn more rewards such as gold coins and gems

On the other side, every time you do some activities, you will gain XP or eXperience Points then if you have accumulated enough XP during the game, your Level will increase and you can unlock new items.

In related to the game currency, this game features gold and gems that you will need to grow your farm
Gems here will be useful when you need to speed things up, increase Maker queue capacity, or any activity that requires a process to complete.

To get more gems in this game, every time you level up or complete an achievement, you will be rewarded with gems as bonus.
Or, if you want to get them instantly, you can buy them in the Gems store by tapping the + icon next to Gems balance.

Except gems, you will need coins to get some items to decorate your farm
Here, you can use your coins to purchase items from the 1 or to upgrade your storage buildings which are in E and 1 level.
To earn more coins, you can sell your goods at the Roadside Shoo or fill Orders.
You can also get coins, from the Coins store that you can do by tapping the + icon next to Coins balance.


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