How to Get More Gems in Soul Seeker iPhone

Com2uS has brought Soul Seeker as an action RPG into mobile platforms ios and android soon
Anyway, this game is the newest anime-styled action RPG where you can collect, craft, and adventure through a bright and colorful world, beating all kinds of monsters for A, B, C, and D special items set

soul seeker walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will have to build your team consisting of some various heroes, and conquer enemies standing in your way.

To start your journey, check out Goblin Marble for a free prize located in a dice button at the top of the screen.
Also,, you will see a roulette board, and you roll the dice to see how far your goblin will move.
Whatever he lands on, they will give you a prize
Keep checking it back more often as you can do this every 4 hours

On the other side, you have to beat the treasure goblins carrying a burlap sack over the shoulder in the levels.
They have quite a bit of HP though, but you have to struggle to beat them for having a piece of equipment.

In order to level up your character fast, you can use auto-battle system where your heroes will go to kill all enemies on their own.
But, your heroes will not use any of their skills when they are on auto.
If you want them to use skills, you have to tap the buttons manually

Meanwhile, combining two heroes will make a higher rarity hero.
To do this, the two heroes in question have to be at maximum experience level and upgrade level.
Your experience level is gained when the hero fights in a level.
Then, you can gain upgrade level by upgrading the hero, which is sacrificing other heroes to use as power.

Furthermore, if you want to combine a specific hero, you can swap them out once they’ve hit maximum experience level.
At this point, you have to make sure that your team is fully leveled and ready to fuse whenever you want.

In related to the equipment, every hero can be outfitted with 3 types of equipment namely a weapon, armor, and an accessory.
For such reasons, be sure to equip your hero with that armor to reach better stat boosts

In addition, this game also features special items pack and also gems
You can collect more gems that you can do after winning the battle with enemies
Sometimes, you will also be allowed to collect special items that you can use for your heroes in this game


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