How to Get More Gems in Rayman Adventures iPhone

Rayman Adventures from Ubisoft can be said as a new high-speed platforming game which is specially designed for the iOS and Android devices.

rayman adventures basic guides ios android

Similar to any endless runners game, you will have to go through some obstacles and levels, then rescue other characters.

To play this game, you will firstly learn the basic control options to move your character
In order to make your character to jump, you will simply tap it
Swiping forward will make your character attack the enemies in the levels.

Then, if you tap your characters on the wall, they will jump off of the wall.
If you swipe down your characters they will attack the floor.
And, if you swipe them in the opposite direction they will turn around and start running to the other way.

When performing your action, you will be assigned to gather up eggs
These eggs will then be incubated to hatch them so that you will be able to get new creatures.

In related to these characters, The Green Pieces will help you find more Teensies.
Meanwhile, getting The Rhinoz will provide you extra attack power which will be useful to battle with enemies.

If you get The Snifflers, they will help you break through ice.
Thus, to start getting all of them, just tap on the question mark next to the name of the creature for a list of areas where you can find and get their eggs to be hatched here.

On the other side, every time that you rescue an egg, you will need to wait for a while as the egg will need a time to incubate.
According to this, just put it in the incubator and let it there to be incubated by itself.

Anyway, getting more eggs will take more time to incubate.
Sometimes, you will be able to get rare creatures
In related to this, the egg will need a little bit longer to incubate than common or uncommon ones

As usual, this game will feature gems as the premium currency of this game
Generally, you will get more gems by completing each level there

If you want to get more gems for free all you will do is to go to the IAP store and watch a video.
Each time, you have watched the video, you will be rewarded with free gems.

Alternatively, you can also earn more gems by playing a level which you have less than three stars on
There, you will also get a chance to get a higher score.

Since you can pass certain score milestones you will also be granted with free gems as a reward.
Plus, if you get three stars in a level, you will be able to collect your gem as well

Each time, you can unlock new character, you can play with them which you can do by restarting the game as another character

At this point, just close out of the game, then start it again
Then, just tap on the folder icon in the upper left corner of the screen to access three game-saving slots up there.

In addition, you can then tap on one of the empty ones to fill with your new character there
You can now play with new character to collect gems and high score in the levels



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