How to Get More Gems in Magic The Gathering iPhone

Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest from D3PA can be included into a new iteration of the MtG universe in which this game brings the match-3 puzzle RPG hybrid for mobile platforms, ios and android.

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Along the game, all you will do is to control of your favorite planeswalkers and create your ultimate deck consisting of some rare cards

Similar to other match-3 puzzles games out there, be sure to plan out your moves, while trying to make as many matches with one move.

If you can plan your move well, you will get enough mana to turn summon multiple cards, turning the tide of the battle.

On the other side, you will see that the exterior mechanics are built there in which the main feature shows what cards are currently on standby.

In line with this, the card at the top of the deck will be played when you have enough mana.
Always make sure to check every turn whereby you may have to change your strategy in the middle of the match
At the same time, you may need to summon a new card instead of the one you have been charging.

Meanwhile, every level of the story campaign will feature two additional objectives to tackle.
Sometimes, they will assign you to complete the fight without taking a certain amount of damage, or you will get to win the fight under a certain amount of turns.

Thus, just make sure to compelte the level to gain experience tokens
And, try completing the optional objectives to get precious mana crystals

For further, you must try to protect support cards when they are placed on the board by shifting other elements around.
Do not set up easy chains for your rival and be sure to the area around your support element messy and unorganized.
Therefore, if anything goes well, your rival may get confused to get rid of it

Early on the game, you may notice that Nissa’s first planeswalker ability will let her draw one card.
At this point, just try to match planeswalker pieces early on when you just have Nissa.
She has also the second ability that is Nature’s Gift which will grant your creatures on the field +3/+3 until the end of the turn
Anyway, she will be able to unlock that ability at level 14 which will need a lot of experience points

In the way of building your card`s deck, you can try out different combinations
According to this, you will get various card types to create your card`s deck

When working with them, attackers cards will always try to go for your opponent directly
And, defenders cards will get in way and absorb all hits.
You can use Berserkers to go after the enemy’s cards.

In addition, mixing and matching those cards will give you a knowledge of how to create a better deck
As usual, this game will feature gold coins and crystals or gems as the main currencies
Each time, you match with your rival, you will collect gold coins
And, if you can win the match, you will be granted with a lot of coins or even gems as rewards

Thus, the main point is to focus on building your card`s deck to power up your cards to be the strongest ones


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