How to Get More Gems in Farm Story 2 iPhone

Farm Story 2 from Storm8 Studios can be included into a farm simulator designed for the ios and android platforms where you will explore a beautiful 3D world to harvest crops, raise animals and earn gems and cash to grow your business in this top #1 hit farming game on mobile

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In other words, all you will do in this game is to grow crops, feed farm animals, and keep the whole operation running smoothly

Also, you must make sure to keep supplies always in stock and the farm is always producing items to sell for money and gems, the main currencies of this game.

Moreover, you can also play this game online with your friends for free
When playing this game together with your friends, you can turn your fresh produce into delicious goods, go fishing, design your ranch and breed pets such as chicken and cows to get the eggs and milk

In this game, wheat will always be useful for all of the initial basic ingredients.
Besides, corn and wheat can also generate you more income in form of cash
So, just have them, corn and wheat to pickup some experience at ease

Plus, those crops will also be useful to be used as food for the chickens and cattle on your farm
You can also use corn and wheat to make biscuits and cornbread, both of which can be sold for cash

At this point, having supply of wheat, corn, milk, and eggs will be a great starting point to start growing your farm, so that you can collect more crops and animals which will come to more cash and gems.

Note that, each time you plant and grow your crops, it will take a process
For such reasons, you can check in on it throughout the day to make sure that everything are running smoothly, so that you can collect some crops, and ship out some deliveries for cash.

On the other side, always make sure to feed your cows and chickens
And, before going out of the game, make sure that your bakery is baking, and your crops are planted and all if your animals is fed well

Meanwhile, you can also queue up some multiple productions such as biscuits, or animal food that you can by adding a second order behind the one currently in process.
If you can do so well, when you come back in the game later you will collect twice than you normally get.

To send each harvested crops, you will get a little to carry out delivery orders to your farm’s clients.
You can check or view the order by clicking the barn
Therefore, you can easily see when you have the stock to fill an order

By filling the order well, you will get reward in the form of gold and experience.
In accordance with this, just make sure to complete as many orders as you can, because the experience points collected will help you level up your character fast

In addition, when you re in your last bit of wheat, every one crop you plant will give you two back.
It means that if you plant two wheat crops, you will harvest four of them.
So, you must focus on your crop stock, and always make sure to never run out stock of crops supply.

As said earlier, gems and cash are the main currencies of this game
In order to get cash, you will simply sell your products to your clients

But, to get gems will be a little bit hard as this is the premium currency of this game
Anyway, you can still get more gems for free by completing each given task successfully in the game


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