How to Get More Free Stuff and Gems in Juice Fly Android

Ezjoy with Juice Fly offers mobile gamers another free match 3 game which is a fresh one to get you to dig through the wonderful tree world.

juice fly gems walkthrough iphone android

Here, you will join Racoon and you will have to clear a group of 3 or more same colored fruits so that you can dig a path and reach a target score as well as finding your way through rooms and discovering your crowns in this game

Later on, you will be able to use unique power-ups and combos in each levels in that you can also take on your friends to compete for the best score.

To play this game, all you will do is pretty simple as you merely spread grass to frogs to collect them and drag the spoon to clear one tile of the block.
At the same time, you can use mine to make a cross shape blast and using bombs will destroy everything in a square instantly.

Also, you have to rescue some animals which are hidden under the blocks
Again, you can try to spread the grass land to keys to unlock the room

After playing this game for some levels, you will be able to get some rewards such gems or diamonds which are the main currency of this game

On the other side, playing this game daily will provide you free stuffs
In line with this free stuff, you can also get them more by changing your phone’s time setting.

Firstly, just close your Juice Fly game by either restarting your phone or shutting it off from the task manager.
Afterward, you can set the time in advance for 1 day or more.
You can now open Juice Fly game and get your daily rewards.
Later on, if you want to get free daily stuff anymore, just complete the step 1-3 said above lines.

Furthermore, once getting those free stuffs, you can now set the time back to normal
For such reasons, you can do these following steps

For the first step, open Juice Fly game but do not play a single game on your phone.
Then, just close the game by either restarting your phone or shutting it off from the task manager on your phone

After doing so, you can now go to settings and change your time and date to the current time and date.
Now, you can open and play the game with free stuff that you have collected by doing the time lapse trick


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