How to Get More Feathers to Fill Pillow in Tedzy iPhone

Recently, the apple store has a new guest, a new endless running game by Sparklefarmer LLC, that is called Tedzy, a game about a sleepy bear trying to gather feathers for his pillow.

tedzy walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will help Tedzy collect more feathers to get a good night’s rest in this colorful, arcade-driven, awesomely fun game.

You will guide him as far as he can go, while collecting tokens and feathers then trying to overcome all of the obstacles in your path.

Here, you will simply swipe from one track to other of five tracks in total on the stage
At this point, all you will do is to swipe left or right at all times as they run in a circle.

If you swipe to the wrong track, you can end up falling to your doom.
On the other side, there are green roads that will bounce you, while blue roads will slow you down.
Also, gold roads will multiply your score by 10x, and carnival roads will get you to unlock a bonus game.
Moreover, you will get rainbow roads that will multiply the score by 5X, then purple roads will speed you up.
Crumble roads fall apart quickly.
Nightmare roads will make the stage dark.
Alarm roads will make you move in the opposite direction.

When trying to accomplish your mission, just stay alert of various obstacles.
Rocks here will slow you down but not kill you.
Ice rocks can freeze you.
If you hit rocks and ice rocks you will lose feathers.
Whirlpools will get you to fly off to another road.
Comets will act like flying ice rocks in which you must avoid them and keep your feathers in safe.

In this game, you will be provided with five main power ups you can collect.
Magnets will allow you to collect all of the feathers that you approach closely.
Super size will get you to turn large so that you can destroy obstacles at ease.
Multiply will cause two more of you to appear.
Speed boost is self-explanatory, as this is a kind of an invincibility.

Note that all of these power ups will work only for a limited time.
In line with this, you must also upgrade them at the upgrade store.
Each level that you upgrade a power up by will increase the amount of time that it lasts for.

Beside power ups, you will also have to purchase the Saver Tokens at the store.
This Saver Token will help you revive once after you die in each stage.
But, if you do not have enough to revive, you are able to spend feathers in order to do so
In the mean time, you must save the feathers for power-ups.


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