How to Get More Donuts in Pokemini Kawaii Friends Style Android

At Pokemini that is developed by Cocone, you will be allowed to dress up your little avatars then decorate your room of your own.

pokemini walkthrough ios android

Moreover, you can communicate with other people and friends using your avatar while collecting more than 2000 items

Along the game, you will watch your cute character move around
Then, you will help in watering and growing plants, as well as picking whatever fruit you grow
Your avatar can also cook and make yummy dishes with the fruits they have picked in this game
After having some activities a long day, your avatar needs to take a shower and go to sleep

Throughout the game, you will be assigned to collect some items and reach medals
In line with this, you can visit your friends and neighbors in order to get new items
You can also get some fresh items every week

Also, you have to complete quests and win rewards in form of medals and donuts
Having more friends will give you advantage as you can send and give rewards each other
Try to fulfill Capri’s wishes to win fabulous prizes

Later on, you will need to reach the next level that you can do by collecting enough stars.
When reaching level 4, you can now work on completing your quests
At this point, you have to try to accomplish those quests that will earn you donuts and stars

Here, donuts can be said as the main currency that you will need to continue playing in later levels.
And, you cannot do anything when you are hungry.
So you must recover it by consuming donuts

In the way of collecting more bonuses, you can visit other Minis and help them in watering their trees
At this phase, just tap the slapboard in a Mini’s room to say hi
Then water and tap many Minis to hep them, so that you can get zodiac medals, stars and donuts becaus of helping them
In addition, you can also tap on Minis to see their profile then you can also send them a friend request that will allow you to send and receive gifts


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