How to Get More Dilithium in Star Trek Timelines iPhone

Disruptor Beam has launched their newest game entitled Star Trek Timelines on the apple store
This game can be categorized into an all-new strategy RPG.

star trek timelines walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will guide your crew to explore the final frontier
Here, every crew member has a different type of skill, such as Science, Diplomacy, Combat, and so forth.

When getting involved into space battles, your ship will have crew positions which will match one of the skills.
Placing a crew with a matching skill in the position will make your ship perform better
Also, this will be double for the away team sections where you team navigates a tree of events.
For such reasons, you have to use the correct crew member to complete the events

If you use the same crew member, it will temporarily decrease their skills.
Therefore, try to alternate between the crew you assigned to the away team.
And, just travel along the paths so that you will go to a favorable and flexible position for yourself.

At this point, if you complete a diplomacy event, and there is another one two spaces ahead, you must try to complete an event of a different type before tackling the next diplomacy event
In the mean time, you will get your crew member’s skills refreshed at that time.

On the other side, your crew members will get experience if they are selected for a ship battle or an away team spot.
So, it will be better to use different crew members to level up at a time
In accordance with this, you can try using experience boosters to get some experience to a crew member instantly

Meanwhile, your crew members will also have equipment slots which can boost their skills when the are given with appropriate equipment.
Filling up all equipment slots will lead the character to their skills and maximum level
Also, try to power up your crew members as much as you can

Once reaching level four, you will be able to unlock the ability to undergo Faction missions, side missions which will get you to send out a small crew to deal with a mission assigned from one of the many factions of the Star Trek universe.

These missions are similar to the ship battles and away team missions
Thus, you will simply assign suitable crew members for the job to get the success chance of the mission increased fast
Moreover, completing these missions will be useful to get experience boosters and crafting materials.

In addition, you may get to achieve all three stars on the level to discover all of the rare items.
If you want to do so, you will have to replay the older missions
Getting three stars on the levels will make your crew significantly stronger, which will really be handy to complete the next missions


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