How to Get More Diamonds and Gold in Taichi Panda iPhone

Snail Games USA has delivered Taichi Panda, a fast-paced kungfu themed dungeon crawler on ios device and this game may also be launched on android soon
Here, all you will do is to hack and slash your way through hordes of foes and collect piles of sweet, sweet loot

taichi panda walkthrough ios android

When doing your mission using skills will need MP, but your MP regenerates so fast in this
So, just use all your skills to beat enemies standing in your way

In the battlefield, just hold down the attack button for easy control when there are enemies nearby.
In the same time, you can also make a combo moves to beat enemies at once

Besides, you can also collect all of the freebies, such as the login packs, which award you based on how many times and how long you stay logged into the game
Here, the event packs, can be collected from completing related tasks in the main adventure.

On the other side, you can also grab good stuff and the Treasure feature containing two options which are great and epic.

Great gives you decent gear
And, epic gives you a chance at some really awesome gear.

Also, you will get one free spin for each of these categories every few hours that you can use them while doing your quest.
Moreover, you will also be able to grab some really good weapons from the epic spinner

Once collecting those freebies such as a rare quality weapon or armor, you can then use your lower pieces of equipment to upgrade the rare equipment.
You can upgrade your equipment to even better

Later on, be sure to upgrade your pets and skills
If you keep on your daily freebies, you can get gold, so be sure to upgrade them.
With your upgraded skills, it will let you do more damage, and keeping your pet upgraded helps with finishing off enemies.

As usual, this game will feature diamonds as the main currency
To get this diamond, you can try to beat bosses that have an additional orange bar alongside their health.
This is their stagger meter in that continuous attacks will drain it
And, when it is emptied, the boss will be launched into the air.

At this time, you will have a couple of seconds to combo the boss, because the boss will have no way to retaliate.
Afterward, the stagger meter will refill in which you can use this to your advantage

In addition, when taking on another player in the arena, you and your opponent will have a stagger meter that is as the main factor in a match
In line with this, you can try to stagger your opponent before they do the same to your hero


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