How to Get More Crystals Shards in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes iPhone

Electronics Arts has launched their Star Wars series called Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes on the ios and android markets

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In this game, you will be able to build your solid team consisting of your favorite Star Wars characters, such as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Darth Vader, and more, from every era

Then you will guide your team to battle with your opponents in epic, RPG-style combat.
So, just try to build your mighty teams and craft the best strategy to win battles across iconic locations to be the most legendary team in the game

Early on the game, you must learn the basic stats of your heroes
For each hero, you will see the blue meter under the health bar in which when it fills up, the particular hero will attack enemies in front of him.

In line with this, every time a battle or new round begins, the enemy will shoot last is the best target

Be sure to take them out first before they can take an action and damage your heroes.
In the mean time, always watch on their meter and plan your moves afterward.

When dealing with enemies in the battle, be sure to focus on beating enemies one by one to reduce the damage you will take.

At this point, you can take out the strongest one first
And, if they have high health and until you destroy them, the others may shoot multiple times
For such reasons, you can defeat the weaker ones first then focus all firepower on the single enemy.

In order to win each battle, you must know and learn all the skills of your heroes
Also, look the cool down timer required for the skill to activate again
Always consider to plan your moves and use the perfect skill at the perfect time

Later on, you must consider to equip your heroes with multiple items
Also, make sure to upgrade your heroes since they will get the bonus from the equipped items
Upgrading their items will increase their stats

In accordance with this, you can start from the lower level or star rating ones.
Next, tap an inventory slot on your hero and the Find icon to get mission that you must complete to get some items or the currencies in form of crystals and gold

To power up your heroes, you must train them which will make them complete the new missions at ease.
Meanwhile, you must upgrade your best heroes first

Furthermore, you will then be assigned to get more heroes by completing some missions in the game
According to this line, you can replay missions on Hard mode to get Character shards which can be exchanged for unlocking new heroes or evolving the ones you already have.
Thus, be sure to get data cards by completing all the special events for getting more new heroes

In addition, this game will feature gold and crystals as the main currencies
You can often get gold by beating enemy`s heroes in missions
And, each time, you can complete each mission successfully, you will be rewarded with crystals


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