How to Get More Crystals in Divine Academy iPhone

Realore has introduced a new city-builder or god-sim game that is in package of Divine Academy where you will see some gods educate here

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This game serves the simulation that revolves around building a university for young Greek deities, and you will meet the cast of charismatic and quirky characters then experience amazing atmosphere of ancient Greek island

Again, the story of the game is told by a cast of various legendary characters from Greek and Roman mythology.
As state earlier that you will meet charismatic characters
Ares is a distinguished warrior, athlete and the main bully of the Academy
And, Chloris is a goddess of environmental protection.

Here, you can cast miracles and make people worship you in that you must also provide your worshipers gifts of knowledge and technology.
Also, oversee their happiness and gain their love and adoration in return.
In the mean time, you will also have a chance to become a student of the university for young gods.

At this point, you will study from the likes of Hercules, Zeus and Athena.
With them, you will learn to cast fun and impressive miracles that will make you feel really powerful among others.

Along the game, you will need to construct epic buildings for a sprawling metropolis, fend off unwanted invaders, and enlist the help of the gods themselves to make your institute of learning worthy of divinity.

In this game, you will simply enter this educational facility to become an equal to Zeus, Athena and other mythical deities of the past.

In order to reach this goal, you must learn to take care of your people.
You will then be presented a patch of land that you will have to develop into a sprawling metropolis where you will also be equip with ability to cast by drawing magical signs on your iPad.

Through the course of the game, you can unlock a bunch of these spells by completing quests from the gods and earning achievements.

In addition, this game will feature crystals as the premium currency that you can collect through the game
Every time, you can accomplish quest, you will be granted with crystals as reward
So, you must try completing a bunch of quests to make it true


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