How to Get More Crystals Coins in Bakery Blitz Cooking Game iPhone

RockYou launched Bakery Blitz: Cooking Game both on the apple store and android markets few day ago
This game can be said as a fast-paced cooking game where you will guide Sugar, a bright young girl, who is a mission to restore sweetness to the world

bakery blitz wallkthrough ios android

In other words, all you will do in this game is to help her bake and serve some delicious desserts such as chocolate cakes, fruit tarts, fresh lattes, lemonades, tasty drinks and more then travel from land to land in a magical airship bakery

In this game, every time you complete a customer’s order successfully, you will get coins as a tip which you have to pick up manually on your own

And, if you do not grab that money, another customer will not be able to take its place until you pick it up.
Thus, just get the money once it is available there

To satisfy the customer, you must memorize each customer’s order
In accordance with this, each type of customer will always order the same one or two dishes

It is caused by memorizing each different order will help know exactly what to make for every customer`s order fast
Besides, you can also get more cakes and drinks started as fast as possible

Once going through a couple levels, you will be allowed to unlock the holding plate.
According to this, just make a cake that you consider to be bought by a customer
Just, put it in here and have a cake ready for them
In the mean time, always predict what kind of cake or drink you will make in that level

On the other side, if you have well timing, you may be lucky to get tips in a row, which will earn you a chain bonus.
You will notice it when you see the words Chain! coming out from the top left corner.

And, when you have the tips, always leave them around and wait until you have multiple tips lying on the counter
Thereafter, you can then get them all
If you have longer chain, you will get better bonus

As usual, this game features crystals and gold coins as the main currencies of this game that you can get in any other way

In addition, you will have to get some upgrades in this game that you can do by completing the goals.
These goals can be said as optional objectives which you can complete during any level.
Moreover, completing these goals will allow you to get some coins or even crystals as a reward
Plus, by doing so, you will be able to get tickets and other goodies in form of items, gold and even crystals.


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