How to Get More Credits Points in Sid Meier`s Starships iPhone

As said in the review of Sid Meier`s Starships, playing this game will let you be as a commander where you can command of a fleet of powerful starships, explore to new worlds, while completing missions to protect the planets form incoming enemies such as Space Pirates, powerful Marauders and the other ones.

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Along the game, you will be tasked to build a planetary federation and power up your fleet and secure your homeworld while attempting to preserve intergalactic peace and your vision of humanity.

Early on this game, try not to bother messing around with things such as map size, difficulty, or victory conditions.
And, The Purity Faction will be the most beginner friendly to get but Purity’s ability that will earn you double rewards.

To strengthen your fleet, you should put your Energy reserves into it as your starships are your lifeblood, so be sure to upgrade them whenever you can.
Besides, you must save some energy for repairs especially after you got through some tough missions

In the progress of expanding your fleet, you can try to specialize a few of your ships by focusing on one or two upgrades such as Fighters or Stealth.
In line with this, you have to build a Warp Nexus as often as you can, in which you can avoid exhaustion and you can take longer turns.

Later on, try to increase your influence on a planet by visiting it and completing a mission
In the mean time, you can camp your fleet out in orbit, or you can be greasing some palms with a few credits.

Your resources will really be needed to power up your ships
In accordance with this, you have to upgrade planets as you expand your empire as this will increase the amount of resources you earn each turn, and it can make it more difficult for opponents to take them over.
Also, make some researches to make a fast progress in this game

After taking over a planet entirely, you can purchase Wonders for credits as these will give you special benefits for the rest of the game.

To get more credits, you can try to sell unwanted items on the Marketplace
At this point, just tap on the little coin stack looking icon so that you can buy and sell whatever resources you need.

When going into the battlefield, always stay alert of Fighter squadrons, as they can do quite a bit of damage especially when they have been upgraded a bit.

If you see Asteroids, you can make for great cover from them and they can also reduce its damage from a single cluster attack toward your ships.

Meanwhile, you can try to attack from the rear and guard your own ships
Shields can cover most of a ship, but you will see an opening in the back that makes them vulnerable.
Seeing this, you can try to attack from behind.
At the same time, always consider not to leave your own flank unprotected.

To beat enemy`s ships, you can use missiles as they will do quite a lot of damage if you can manage to hit an enemy with a guided missile.
Using them will be handy when you can manage to catch multiple enemies in the same spot.

Along the game, you will get a new battle card in random at the start of each skirmish which is located along the left side of the screen, towards the bottom.
Using these cards will be great to repair damage or boost firepower, and they will not carry over from one fight to the next.

Remember to always take a shot, as every shot will have a chance to disable enemies ship systems.
Sometimes, your single shot can power down their weapons, cripple their engines, and you can beat them in a quick time.


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