How to Get More Credits Coins for New Ships in AG Drive iPhone

AG Drive from ZORG is the fantastic futuristic racing game, you will be experiencing the game’s visuals, level variety, and the game’s ability to consistently give you a smooth experience even when rocketing at neck break speeds through the game’s gorgeous environments.

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If you are a big fans of racing game and newcomers alike, you will sense AG Drive challenging in various ways, but the difficulty can be curved a bit by some careful driving and a bit of planning.
You will then be interested in ensuring they come out on top, and get the gold from the given missions.

You will be given with some missions that you must complete that will reward you with coin which is the main currency of this game

Once getting coins you have collected from the missions, you can unlock new vehicles with different skills, new paint jobs for each of the vehicles, and some upgrades for your ships that will really help you improve your performance during races.

In line with this, you can unlock that glossy orange paint color for your racer, but you have to focus on upgrading your vehicle a bit first if you have enough coins.

Meanwhile, some upgrade will make a very noticeable difference, and arguably so will a fresh coat of paint
But, but the fresh coat of paint will not improve the car’s handling, your car will not go any faster unless you upgrade its parts first.

To play this game, just press gas to accelerate brake to slow down then you can hit boost pads for having more speed.
And, when online, you should activate Turbo to go faster.

And, to turn your vehicle left and right, you can simply tilt the screen left and right
Perhaps, some adjustment is needed if you want to play as best as you can.

You can also play in some events, which are quick and main events
Playing in quick events will get you to race last 10-30 seconds each.
And, playing in main events is bigger in scope, and this event can be replayed later.

On the other side, if you play this game every day, you will get daily bonus in form of +20% Credits from your next race event
With this credits, you can use them to purchase ships and upgrades in the Garage.

Along the game, the racetracks are built like rollercoasters, so there will be times when you are driving up a steep incline.
Moreover, the road may be able to corkscrew around a bit, where you will need to navigate the twists perfectly or risk scrapping the side and losing speed.

When going for the road in a hard turn at the top, be sure to watch your hover-car fly off the edge of the track, that can happen in certain areas where the side bumpers are not in place.

Sometimes, the nature of the race will get do fast through these crazy turns, spirals, and jumps that you can not really accommodate for unexpected turns.
Remember that the tracks will stay the same from race to race, so once you get used to one track’s particular hazards, you will be able to increase your ranking in future races.

In addition, your default racer will come along with a handy little booster ability that you can utilize to squeeze a few seconds off your time.
You can then upgrade this ability to improve performance and cooldown time for further races.


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