How to Get More Coins to Unlock New Cars in Traffic Rush 2 iPhone

Traffic Rush 2 from Donut Games can be said as a safe driving simulation where you will control all of the cars going into and out of the intersection on the screen without crashing each other.

traffic rush 2 walkthrough ios android

Seemingly, this game has brought a good graphics in form of charming 3d voxels that you can recently play on the ios device
This game is also supercharged with truckloads of unlockable vehicles such as Monster trucks, Limos, Fire trucks, Motorcycles, Police cars, Old agent cars, etc.

Early on the game, all cars will move on their own, then you must try to keep them from crashing into each other since there are no stoplights or traffic lights
Moreover, all cars herein will not change lanes at all.

In order to stop the car, you will merely tap it then swipe it to send it on its way again.
On the other side, you can try to swipe a moving car to make it go faster.
Doing this will make two moves to make a car go on its way, so that you can make one quick move at that time.

Every time, you swipe cars, they may drive coins to pick up by driving over the same coin that had previously dropped.
If you can do so well, you will earn that coin, which will be useful to unlock a new car out of the gacha.

Coins here can be said as the premium currency of this game
You can get those coins for free in any other way

Sometimes, you will get a free gift given by this game, in which you will get to open three doors out of a box with sixteen doors.
At this point, you will get a coin prize behind each door

Alternatively, in the way of collecting more coins, all you will do is to watch a video to get 20 coins for free.

When guiding or driving the car, you can merely tap or swipe two cars at the same time
Doing this will make you react fast toward a car driving into the path of another car.

It will also prevent causing another issue by stopping a car or by swiping a car, which will come to smash a car into another car.

Note that, each time you stop a car, all cars behind it will stop as well.
At the same time, do not swipe a car forward behind another car, as this will ram into it
But, you can only do this when the car in front of you is driving so fast so that it will not ram into another car.

In addition, be sure to complete some stages to collect coins which you can use to unlock new cars such as Fire Truck, Police Car, Basic Trailer, Formula One, Garbage Truck, Monster Truck, Coin Doubler, Tractor, Bulldozer and Poultry Pickup

These cars will not affect your performance but they will only increase the different look when you are driving them on the street


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