How to Get More Coins in Ultimate Briefcase iPhone

Nitrome has come to the apple store along with their newest game called Ultimate Briefcase which takes an arcade game as the genre

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Along the game, all you will do is to avoid bombs, gather up some power-ups and trying to survive as long as possible

In the mean time, you will also have to earn more money coins which you can use to unlock some upgrades and goodies to help you survive longer.

During the game, take a time to look at the top of the screen to know and learn the patterns of the incoming bombs so that you can avoid them.
When dealing with them, there will be the flower-like bombs which can explode and spread or the fires that stay there for a while

As said earlier, you will also have to get some coins to unlock upgrades and valuable items
In accordance with this, make sure to focus on gathering coins that you can use to purchase upgrades
Also, you can unlock the second character since he has a better energy power-up than the first one
Later on, be sure to unlock three more upgrades and start thinking about survival time in each run.

While performing your action, it will be better to stick to the middle while looking at the bombs and learning the patterns of your enemy`s moves

In related to the power-ups, they drop randomly as you play the game
And, make sure to get them in which they can really be helpful to make you survive any longer in the game

Once getting the first two power-ups, be sure to save up your money coins to get the extra heart power ups which gives you extra play time
For such reasons, if you have more play time you will get a big chance to collect more coins and goodies which will be helpful to be equipped for your new character

On the other side, new characters which you can unlock have different abilities
At this point, you can test their abilities, and try to find your favorite one and upgrade them to make them powerful
Perhaps, you can try playing with Sally’s pistol, since he has a good ability


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