How to Get More Coins in Stirfry Stunts iPhone

Stirfry Stunts – We Bare Bears Cooking Game Starring Chef Ice Bear from Cartoon Network can be included into a new endless cooking game that you can play both on the iOS and Android devices

stirfry stunts walkthrough ios android

Here, you will simply cook more meals for many people in the given time.
Early on the game, always put the food on the grill and know what they want when they come up
Then, let the food on the grill for a while but do not let it burn to a blackened crisp on the grill

If you can serve it to a customer fast, you will get higher tip
Every time, you cook a dish for a customer, a brand new customer will come up in the middle of cooking
Usually, they want the exact same dish, so just give it to them to get double tip size
Do it as long as you can to make up another batch before the original customer leaves.

Similar to any endless cooking game out there, you will be given with three lives during the game
Then, if you see that your customer to leave without getting their food, you will lose a life.
For such reasons, try to keep the right foods cooking for your customers at high speed
In line with this, if you can get to the point where some customers are waiting at the counter, make sure to request more course dishes for them

On the other side, coins are the premium currency of this game that you can get for free in the game
To get them, always serve the customers as they want
Once collecting enough coins, you can purchase valuable items for your restaurant

In accordance with this, you can then go to the shop and scroll past all of the additional food.
When being there, just purchase two extra plates for 5,000 coins apiece.
Also, purchase the boom box and the microphone which can slow down or freeze all of the timers
If you can do this, you will have more time to cook everything.

Later on, you can continue to get the XL grill which allows you to cook more food at one time.
Plus, get the Infrared Power which make your cook food twice at a time.
You should also get the Nuclear Boost to cook food fast without having to wait for it.
Consider not to get the view power ups since they will merely change the background of your restaurant Instead, get the better grill power ups first before getting them.


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