How to Get More Coins in Batman VS Superman Who Will Win iPhone

Batman v Superman: Who Will Win developed by Warner Bros is included into a new endless runner game that you can play booth on the iOS and Android devices

batman vs superman who will win wallkthrough ios android

Here, you can play as either Batman or Superman where you will have to try gaining score as high as you can while collecting coins and getting power-ups to be equipped for your hero.

Along the game, you will also have to dodge and overcome the obstacles, in which they will be a little when your score increases and the game speeds up.

To overcome them, just follow the coins and keep your eyes open for the incoming cars since they can drive through coins, and through power-ups
Always stay alert of them, when trying to collect coins on the street

Once collecting enough coins, you can use them to purchase upgrades after choosing your hero.
In line with this, all power-ups you have collected in the stage will affect your upgrades
Thus, be wise when using and upgrading the power ups that will earn you amount of coins at the time

On the other side, you can also start the game with a head-start by spending 100 coins
However, it will highly be recommended not to do this until you gain a sky high score without using the head start.

Just save up your coins for a little while then perform the head start and bragging rights to gain a high score


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