How to Get More Coins for Power Blocks in Qubed iPhone

The Blue Market has launched Qubed as a new puzzle game on the apple store
Seemingly, this game will be a super addicting puzzle game which gets you to fit the shapes into all the empty spaces and fill an entire row to wipe it out and get score points and coins.

qubed walkthrough ios android

Here, you can make horizontal lines and vertical lines whereby if you clear more lines, you will get more room on the board
Therefore, just try to clear lines whenever you can to gain score points as high as possible

On the other side, when trying to make a line, you can try to work from the outside
You can do this when you place your pieces down from the beginning.

Also, doing it will make you avoid making big holes in between blocks.
In the mean time, try to place the longest side against the wall whenever possible to avoid placing a big hole in the middle of the board.

Always make sure to leave a 3×3 block of space open since they are extremely difficult to find space
In accordance with this, when you have room to place one down, it will be easier to do multi-line combos, so that you will be rewarded with a ton of points at the same time.

Coins seems to be the premium currency of this game
In order to get these coins for free, you can merely tap on the little shop button to the left of the score

There, you will be served with the ad videos to watch which will give you coins for free
Sometimes those coins will not come up after you have earned them

For such reasons, after watching some videos, just close it out then open it again.
Later on, when you do not have room for the pieces or you want to get some power blocks, just tap the refresh button to pick one of the other two options to get some blocks or some power blocks which will be used to continue to make moves and get coins on the board.


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