How to Get More Coins for New Costumes in Bears vs Art iPhone

Bears vs. Art from Halfbrick Studios will take you to guide Rory, the bear as he will revenge upon the art world for destroying his woodland home in the name of new museum construction.

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Here, you will follow him to break into the museum and destroy all your valuable paintings such as Abearican Gothic or Vincent Bear Gogh there then travel the globe in search of Pollocks to pummel, Malevichs to maul, and Kandinskys to clobber and any kind of abstract art.

Here, you will see some levels present a new room arrangement and set of paintings hanging on the walls.
Then, it is the time for Rory to destroy every painting in order to progress, in which you merely touch the object in question, painting or person.

To get to those objects, you are able to tap any direction to move, he will hurl himself in a straight line until he hits something, a wall
Then, if that wall contains a painting, he will get to slash it to ribbons.

To do your missions, you will often meet the variety of obstacles in that you will be bouncing between walls to reach all the paintings.
At this point, you must contend with retracting spikes, one-way arrows, laser beams, teleporters, stealthy ninjas, and a bunch of other dangers in his bouncy rampage.

Along the game, you will get some levels that are usually assigned a move limit, time limit, or both
To the through each level, you will need to carefully plan your approach to some stages or barrel forward manically in others.

Levels with move limits often give the bare minimum number of taps needed to reach all paintings, leading to a slower, chess-like experience as you work out moves in advance.
Timed stages will task Rory with tackling the milling museum patrons which are fast-paced and frantic, in that you can let loose and fling yourself with abandon.

To solve puzzle in the levels, you will be provided with some hints that you will get through daily logins.
Also, you will have both skills and costumes that will improve your art-attacking abilities.

In this game, the hint system is based on the type of stage with the first two moves of the stage will show two more moves per hint.
It means that if you get stuck halfway through a 10-move stage, you must use up four or five hints to actually get any help.

You can also level up your skills with points that you can get freely over time in order to increase the number of coins.

On the other side, going through many stages will be easier with even just one extra move at your disposal.
Also, Rory’s costumes will contain the same type of bonuses if you improve them with coins
And, you will also get unique and useful specials that you can use to slow down guards’ movement.

Every time, you character perform any action, he will gain skill points that you can use to train Rory’s skills in Speed Savvy, Intelligence or Cunning.

In the mean time, you will also be able to get some powers by collecting stars in each skill
Each Speed star will give your extra time and each Savvy star will help you get more coins.
You should also reach Intelligence Stars to get an extra more and get Cunning stars to get extra entry.

At this point, you can use costumes to give you extra bonuses your skills and to reach more stars
Be sure to upgrade them to give your character special bonuses when he is wearing them

Meanwhile, you will also need an entry fee that you can find hidden on the map in which you will need it to enter each gallery.
In line with this, you will also be able to speed up your free entry fee recharge to be up to 8 times faster.
Alongside, if you have V.I.P Access, you can enter all levels forever without entry fee required

Furthermore, every time you can complete each mission, you will be rewarded with coins that you can then use to purchase more few costumes.


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