How to Get More Cash and Stars in Stick Squad 2 Shooting Elite Android

In Brutal Studio’s sniping shooter physics game, Stick Squad 2 Shooting Elite, you will be assigned to accomplish 20 new and original sniping missions along with 60 new shooting objectives in an action packed stick shooter sequel.

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In this game, you will play as black silhouette sniper who has got a contract to avoid a missile attack on your territory based on Stick Squad 1 Sniper Contracts
And, now you will have to continue to complete missions and stop the villains at all costs.

Throughout the game, you will need to carefully aim and take out the enemies as quickly and as possible
At the same time, you will also have to gain the best rating, then you will collect each cash that you can do by accomplishing each mission successfully
Once getting that cash, you can use it to purchase and upgrade new equipment.

Early on this game, you will be provided with new sniper rifles, new hand guns and new assault rifles then you should upgrade them with the game coins that you have collected through the missions.

With these new weapons, you will get a new shooting range level where you can practice your shooter skills.

During in the missions, you will be brought to go to some new locations and new enemies coming with advanced weapons

You will then do some upgrades for your weapons that will fit for wind and distance when you are doing your actions in this shooting pack

When trying to accomplish each missions, you will have to earn some stars and complete achievements that will help you in continuing to some next missions

Here, every mission will offer 3 objectives and each objective has 3 levels of difficulty to accomplish.
So, try to be the best stickman shooter and gain 3 stars for each difficulty in each objective.

On the other side, this game also features two appealing anti-heroes like Ron and Walker in which each comes with different personalities
And, you will guide them to be the best professional assassins in this game.

Thus, just try your best to accomplish each missions that will bring you to earn some cahs and stars which are the main currencies of this game


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