How to Get More Bucks Gold in Flick Field Goal 16 iPhone

Full Fat has come to the apple store along with their newest game called Flick Field Goal 16 as pick up and play game

flick field goal 16 walkthrough ios android

Here, you will be the ultimate placekicker to kick the ball for scoring up big points
In the mean time, you will also be assigned to earn credit cash once you have completed each level

This game will allow you to play in three exciting game modes.
Besides, it also features rewards, free boosts, cheerleaders, fireworks and game modes on the all new reward chart

On the other side, you can also customize the ball from many designs as you like such as flags, fireball, cheeseburger and 8-ball

Early on the game, you will be allowed to play in training mode which will get you to collect daily rewards, skill unlocks and player upgrades.

When playing in training mode, never skip your daily training since it will reward you with more bucks, the premium currency of this game
In that mode, if you can get better score in it you will get more bucks

Besides, you will also be tasked to complete missions or side objectives which will give you a bunch of gold coins

During in your action, you can adjust the direction of the ball by swiping it quickly while it is midair.
Doing this will really helpful to make a gold goal.

When you are about to kick the ball, always check the wind since it changes every kick
Therefore, always check how strong it is and what direction it is blowing.
In line with this, you will be able to see the speed and direction in the top right corner.
You can also change up your kick trajectory to compensate for the wind while you are playing the game

Each time, you can complete a mission, you will be rewarded with gold coins that you can use to purchase one type of ball.

Also, make sure to save up your coins for stadium upgrades which will passively increase the amount of experience during the gameplay
For further, just save them up since they will get very costly as you continue to upgrade them

Meanwhile, every field goal landing in the gold zone will increase your combo multiplier by one.
And, each time you have made a successive shot, you are granted with a bunch of points.

In addition, your combo will be reset if you miss just one shot or even the ball lands in any of the other zones
At this point, you must try to keep your combo going to gain score as high as possible


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