How to Get More Acorns in Forest Home iPhone

Forest Home form The Binary Mill can be included into a quite charming puzzle game where you will merely draw colorful paths growing right beneath your finger and guide lost animals back to their homes that will earn you acorns and rewards.

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When doing your mission, you will have to try to avoid obstacles, navigate bridges, and gather up food to get energy to do some next missions

In this game, each stage offers a grid based layout where you must draw colored paths between the animal and their home to safely get them back.
Anyway, those paths cannot overlap with other creatures’ paths and you want to fill every space on the grid as well.

Along the game, you will also be able to unlock a host of collectibles and achievements, you can share them with friends through social media and Game Center integration

Guiding animals into safe zone is your top mission, and it does get harder as some of them become involved then you also need to guide them to collect food, before returning to their home.

Acorns will be collectible items that you will need to survive in this game
With these acorns, you can buy hints to help you out.
If you cannot complete each level, you can restart it too in that it will really help you solve each puzzle in that level

Later on this game, you will have to unlock extra stages through either asking friends, using acorns, or completing additional puzzles.
According to this, you may be tasked to fill all the squares with a strict time limit, and they may sometimes be tough to complete.

But, if you can complete tough levels, you may be granted with a bunch of acorns for free
As said earlier, you can use that acorns to get hint that will be handy to solve each puzzle in certain levels, especially for the hard ones


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