How to Get Meow Gold in CubeCat nya-nya Strike iPhone

CubeCat Nya-Nya Strike developed by Soulgame Information can be included into a new pinball RPG that you can only play on the ios devices recently.

cubecat nya nya strike walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will guide CubeCat to go through wave after wave of evil cats, blocking their attacks and collecting Meow Gold so that you can go for as many waves as possible.

When performing your action, it will be better to avoid getting hit by enemy shots.
To get rid of them, you can try to drag your sidekick around in the blue zone then use it as a shield to diminish the shots

In the mean time, you can also simply to launch your sidekick in the direction of the shots so that you can blast through the shots to take out the enemy cats.

On the other side, you can also perform a special attack when filling up your fever meter more than halfway.

At this point, when the blast-icon pops up in a speech bubble above the head of your cat, be sure to tap your cat which will make the sidekick start performing its special attack, which will vary for every sidekick that you get.

In accordance with this, you can use this special ability when dealing with tough enemies.
Later on, if you want to fill up your fever meter quickly, just sit there and drag your sidekick around to absorb bullets
Here, every bullet which it absorbs will provide you some more fever.

As said earlier, you will be objected to gather up more meow gold that you can get in any other way
Basically, you will get them once you can complete each stage in one piece

However, you may sometimes lose at a round which will make you to have an option to watch the advertisement video or pay Meow Gold play again with full health.
Anyway, you can get much meow gold by watching an ad video which will make you get double Meow Gold

Once reaching level 11 in the game, you can skip ten levels ahead by spending 1000 Meow Gold for every 10 levels that you skip.

At the beginning of the game, you may not want to skip levels.
At that level, it will be better to start off at the earliest wave so that you will be able to get the most gold possible there.

Furthermore, you may want to do some skipping ahead to speed up your earning of gold which is relative to the amount of time spent earning it.

After going through some levels, it will highly be recommended to upgrade your sidekicks which will make you improve all of their stats.

Doing this will make you unlock new cat sidekicks if you need cats with different statistics such as difference balances of speed, power, critical damage, and special attack types which will really help you accomplish the stage at ease.


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