How to Get Manbo Points in Survive! Mola Mola! iPhone

Survive! Mola Mola! from Koya Nakahata is a new game that will ask you to raise a Mola Mola.
Here, you will have to feed it, train it, and make it survive along the game

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Anyway, to do all of this is not as simple to manage where if you go for a little trip to the surface of the ocean could mean death and your dinner might end you right on the spot.

Every time you do an actions, you will gain bonus MP for every unique death you discover.
Moreover, your success chance for that particular adventure will increase with each death caused by it.

When playing this game, you will see a small chance a large turtle will swim across the screen.
You can activate fever mode, if you can tap hit before it leaves the screen completely
In fever mode, all unlock food will spawn at alarming rates, in that it will make it a feeding frenzy
So, you can try keep tapping it to eat as much as you can before fever mode ends.
Doing so will be a great way to gain some pounds on your Mola Mola.

Then, you have to upgrade: New Adventures, New foods, and Food count.
New adventures will unlock the possibility of having new adventure types occur.
New food unlocks new types of sea creatures for your Mola to eat on its down time.
Food count increases the amount of creatures that can be on the screen at once.

Then, you will get three ways to get MP.
Each time, your Mola evolves, evolving becomes very tough early on once you have hit the “Kid” rank.


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