How to Get Magic Stones in 9 Elements Action Fight Ball iPhone

Super combat volleyball is the nickname of 9 Elements game where you will fight against your rival in the exciting 1 on 1 duel for collecting magic stones

nine elements walkthrough ios android

In the beginning of the game, you will choose game modes namely Arcade, Survival, Tournament, Arena Commander and many Practicing mode

Here, you will freely pick 14 unique characters of 9 elements that will come along with their special skills upgraded such as Catherine, Woodwalker, Pretency
Later on this game, you can then customize them with over 300 sets and parts

The story of the game goes when elements stone, which was holding the balance of the world started to lose its control.
Now, it is the time to fight against the great power and protect Elements stone.

To play this game, you will see left and right control panel on the left bottom, that you can use to move your character to perform any actions when battling with your opponents
Also, you can cancel side by jumping or moving opposite direction.

There, a button on the right bottom is Jump Button that you can use to jump, and spike with this button.
Still at the same spot, you will also see the shining Orb displaying your Skill Gauge for Special Moves at the left top of the screen.
In the mean time, you can try to touch and hold Jump button for performing Long Jump

You can also perform heading that will be a simplest way to attack by jumping then position of the ball well to make various attack
Try to jump without releasing the button, then draw it to the direction that you want to attack

In order to activate Spike, you can simply release or make contact with the ball.
Then, spike to the backward direction for Drop shot
On the other side, you can unleash Power Spike that you can do charging enough before you spike.
Unleashing Power spike may be useful to stun the opponent
When you are about to get struck, just touch left, or right control panel to activate Just Guard.

As said earlier, every character here will be equipped with skills, common and special ones that you can use toward enemies
At this point, common skill needs 30% and the Special ones need 100% of the skill gauge
In line with this, by touching the skill button when your gauge is over 30% will unleash common skill.
Meanwhile, some other characters can activate Special skill by touching the skill button

In addition, magic stones is the premium currency of this game
Every time you can win the battle, you will be granted with some of magic stones
Once collecting enough magic stones, you can use them to unlock special characters of purchasing some sets and parts for your character


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