How to Get Legendary Credits Shards in Battleborn Tap iPhone

Battleborn Tap from 2K is a new clicker game for the iOS and Android platforms where you will command your heroes on the battlefield for glory and victory.

battleborn tap walkthrough ios android

Similar to any clicker game, you will merely use your fingers to tap over waves of enemies and bosses while collecting credits and using golden shards to upgrade your Battleborn’s weapons, skills, and abilities

In the mean time, you will be able to unlock new areas and recruit new heroes to join the fight in this game.

During the game, when tapping the screen to cast the attacks on enemies, it will highly be recommended to use multiple fingers.

On the other side, your hired heroes will contribute the damage toward enemies
Be sure to hire the ones that can do moderate damage, and hire the other ones as well

Later on, you can level them up, and upgrade the damage until the bar fills up
Then, you can contribute the big super-upgrade to make you heroes gain a level and reset the bar at that time.
To get that option, you have to max their level upgrades.

At this point, youcan try to keep things balanced and upgrade all your heroes first a few times
Afterward, you can then focus on leveling them up and get the maximum level upgrade for one hero
Do not forget to upgrade your heroes`health as the more your heroes have high healt the more time they can survive during in the battlefield
For such reasons, make sure to upgrade their health then try to keep it at a decent level as well

Always consider to leveling up your tap power until the bar fills up
Thereafter, you can then get the next experience level to increase your tapping power in line with where your other heroes

As usual, this game features credits as the premium currency, which you can use to get all kinds of packs containing random equipment for your heroes
Also, you can get some goodies in form of shards for your heroes.

In the way of earning more credits, all you will do is to watch the promotional video
Meanwhile, if you see drone flying by, go hurry to tap it to get an access for an offer which will earn you 10 credits for watching a promotional video.
Moreover, by watching such videos, you will also earn other goodies

Besides, you can complete achievements to get a lot of Premium Currency coins
In line with this, you will unlock them through regular play

To grab shards, just try go offline for awhile, then get back
After doing so, a shard icon will come out.
Once seeing this, make sure to tap that icon to gather up all of your offline earnings
Sometimes, you will have a bunch of gold available to collect if you turn off for awhile.


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