How to Get Key to Gain High Score in Mr Jump iPhone

Mr Jump from 1Button SARL and specifically designed for the iOS platform can be said as a new platformer game where you will help the man jump his way through the ingenious and tricky levels

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In this game, your main goal is to avoid the obstacles and to jump the right distance to make it over the gaps and gain score as high as possible.
Playing this game will really test your skills and reflexes as you will have to jump while avoioding each obstacle along the way

When performing your jump, it can be either really short, really long, or anywhere in between
In line with this, your jump will be based on how long you hold the screen after tapping it to jump.
You can try to hold it for a short time for short gaps, then you can jump down to a platform at a lower elevation, or you will jump over little spikes in each stage.
Moreover, you can also try to hold the screen down for longer after you jump so that you can jump long distance or up to a higher platform.

In each level, you can take as many turns as you want
Here, your high scores that you will gain are not based on that the attempts count.

Anyway, your high scores are depending on your percentage count for each stage added together.
As an illustration, just go to Game Center to get the description of the score
There, you will see the benchmark that is 1,200 as the highest scores as there are 12 stages, times 100 percent for each stage.

On the other side, this game will come along with advertisement scattered along the game
Sometimes, you may think that you want to get rid of the ads that always pops up on the screen while you are playing this game
To solve this, you can simply set your phone into airplane mode
Also, you can play the game without any cellular data or WiFi connection online.

But, if you think about toleration, you can let the ads appearing on the screen as the developer gets income from those ads so that the developer can update the game with income from it
Moreover, the developer of this game is an indie studio, that relies on these ads to make money.

Meanwhile, unlocking the next level before completing the previous one will be prohibited so if you want to skip over a level that you have yet to beat, you can purchase the level after it for 99 cents.

Here, you will also have to find the key to unlock the incoming levels
So, you must try harder to beat each level and get the key without purchasing in the apple store.
Next, with the key, you can unlock the next level for free


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